Local photographer/musician/tattoo artist Matt Xero, (spelled Matt x3r0) recently did a very special, nude, photo shoot with some lovely local hotties.  Now, he's done it again!

Matt … who also inks folks at Pumping Ink tattoo, does photography and plays guitar for El Paso’s very own Murder FM … wanted to draw attention to this “body shaming” thing.  Women are told they should look a certain way, not have tattoos, be in incredible shape, etc, etc. That’s a load of BS!

Here's what I wrote for Matt's first shoot:

Women are beautiful just being themselves, bearing the marks and scars on their bodies as proudly as the tattoos, jewelery and other things they may have. True, genuine inner strength and beauty are what truly count and they’re not dependent on flat abs and thigh gaps. We see that strength and beauty in these daring and brave photographs. It takes a lot of guts to pose this “honestly” no matter what kind of body … or photoshop tools … you have.

These women are proud of themselves and chose to show that in the gutsiest way possible, unclothed and un “photoshopped”. For those of you who, inevitably, will start making “they’re too this” or “they’re too that” comments, STFU. (Stop being jealous and take a good, honest look at yourselves.)

Matt took it a step further with this one, dressing the ladies up in a geisha style with makeup by Cyn Yvette Bejarano. Between their beauty, the outfits and some stunning tattoo work, the results speak for themselves. Enjoy!


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