There is a man you're probably familiar with from his photography work. You might have even spotted him on the job at an El Paso Chihuahuas game and other major local events.

Ivan P. Aguirre is known for his marvelous photos. Not sure if it is still the same but back when I worked as a receptionist for El Paso Chihuahuas one of his photos was hanging in the clock tower.

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Now as someone who attended the same high school as Ivan P. Aguirre, he always had a camera in hand at Coronado High School.

Luckily for Aguirre he is always carrying his camera around, so it is easy for him to catch some good shots during school. He took awesome photos of the skateboarders skating around campus grounds.

It is good to know that something Ivan Aguirre has been passionate about still continues to have the same passion. Well, if you follow Ivan P. Aguirre on Twitter then you know he was on his way to Livi, Ukraine just a couple of days ago.

He is the kind of guy that will leave his day job to capture the moment when kids were separated from their parents in 2018.

Right now with what is going on in Ukraine it is scary to even consider going to Ukraine whether for business or pleasure.

Not for Ivan Aguirre who is willing to put himself in a place that is a danger zone at the moment.

He shared a short video clip of his wild adventure of laying on a top bunk on an old train with no ventilation. Ivan Aguirre was riding along with 20 women on the train which you can see in his video featured above. You will be glad to know Ivan P. Aguirre made it safely to Ukraine and shared he was in one of the safer cities in the country below. Let us all hope and pray he makes it back safely to El Paso when he does make a return. But like always Ivan P. Aguirre sure is brave for taking care of business by snapping photos in a dangerous place at the moment.

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