Members of a pioneering El Paso metal band recently reunited in memory of a dear friend.

When Pissing Razors founding member/guitarist Matt Lynch stepped away from the band circa 2000, he joined forces with members of another OG El Paso band; The Hate Campaign.  He, Danny Contreras and Matteo Martinez, with the help of a few others over the years, formed Wick = War = Burn and created some of the most brutal metal ever. As Donald Dunn said in The Blues Brothers: "they had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline."

Sadly, drummer Danny Contreras passed away in 2016. In addition to Wick = War = Burn and The Hate Campaign, Danny also played drums with Fueled II FireThe SixthYears Of Cold and Jo-Hobo Witness. May he rest in peace.

In memory of Danny and all he did throughout his life for the local music scene, a reunion concert was planned but canceled due to COVID-19. (Although they do still hope to pull it off next year.) Not to be defeated, and having seen how much fun fans and bands alike were having with "virtual performances", they decided to make the video. The video above is in memory of Danny while the (NSFW) video below actually  features Danny.

Many thanks to Matteo and Jay Haake ... who sits in for Danny in the memorial video ... for jogging my memory while writing this. I can't wait for that reunion my brothers, let me know what I can do to help!

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