I've always been a big fan of history, especially the old west stuff which El Paso is LOADED with so, this made me really happy.

The WigWam Saloon was built in the 1880's, eventually becoming a theater which operated into the 1970's. Henry Flores, of Ghosts915 and the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society, is based in the old Wigwam building and he's converting it into a museum.

Flores original building, which once housed the law office of John Wesley Hardin, was destroyed in a 2012 fire. Flores told elpasoheraldpost.com that the fire inspired him:

“We decided to, because of what happened next door – the fire and everything else – to try and stop the loss of these buildings.” “This building – the Wigwam Saloon – is the last-standing saloon building in El Paso and it was one of the top five saloons in the Old West.” “The Wigwam Saloon was the place to be and we didn’t want to lose it too.”

Flores is planning a ghost hunting "lockdown' inside the Wigwam this Friday, 8/19/16. For more info on that, call (915) 274-9531 or, click here.