Favorite Field Trips

School field trips are always typically fun since they get you out of learning for most of the day. The field trips many of you remember visiting were at the Planetarium, Utep, Insights Museum, Cattleman's, Licon Dairy Petting Zoo, and International Museum of Art. These places hold so many memories that you shared with classmates that you’re maybe still friends with. I had a blast at every place we visited for school field trips but also do have a personal favorite. The one field trip I can definitely call a favorite of mine and you may also be the Planetarium. I am so stoked for my son when he has his chance to visit some of these places! Plus, who doesn’t like admiring the stars and the constellations? Another reason why I enjoyed the Planetarium was that I got to sit next to my crush while being under the stars. The times you may remember visiting these places were when you were in elementary or middle school. Pick your favorite field trip spot that you and your friends remember and enjoyed below!

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