Predator Riding A Bike

The best kind of distractions would be the ones you witness while you're waiting at a red light. Which had actually happened to me recently when I was heading to the Eastside. I was taking the 601 Spur and had exited at Global Reach. I had gotten a red light (thank goodness) and aimed my phone towards "The Predator" ahead. Yes, as in the creepy ugly looking creatures from the movie The Predator. I was heading towards Montana while the evil-looking rider was heading towards the 601 Spur.

Whenever I must head to the Eastside I prefer taking the 601 Spur if there's traffic on I-10. First, I have to say I am a true believer in signs. I'm so glad there was a major delay on I-10 that day or I wouldn't have had a run-in with "Creepy Cruiser" aka The Predator. I would hope to one day in the future meet the "Creepy Cruiser" out and about. I would like to see what looks like a real face of a predator that is actually just a helmet.

There have been some cool helmets I have seen while driving on the road. I enjoy seeing the creativity El Paso bikers have by scoping out their helmet. The Trojans helmet with the thick row of spiky hair on it is one of my favorites. I thought I had seen them all (helmets) until I came across this creative biker. Once all this coronavirus mess is over with I would like to meet the biker that hides behind that hideous helmet. So if you happen to know who the proud owner of the predator helmet is direct them here.

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