The goal of "Local Band 101" is for the bands to introduce themselves to you. Here's another one...

Meet The Kruel!  Here's their story, in their own words:

Back in high school, there wasn’t a lot of people into the traditional Spanish music we were playing. There still isn’t. Two of us began searching for a 3rd member to form a trio. When we finally found him, we quickly transitioned into the Spanish rock cover scene and all the perks that came along. You name the bar we played it. Despite the glamour of playing 2bit covers we wanted more. We started writing more original music and eventually got offered a spot in a major music label. A short-lived achievement that was. We were dropped before we could even read the contract. This only fueled us to, more than ever, go after the music that we truly felt inside. Working independently has definitely kicked our ass, yet it feeds our need to continue making the music we know is true to us. Rock’N’Roll!

The Kruel will have their Youtube channel up soon. In the meantime, check 'em out here.

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