This time around, it's a "Local Loco" supergroup.

This time around, we'll take a look at ... and a listen to via the video above ... a new band on the El Paso scene, Scattered Storm.

Here's their story told, of course, in their own words:

El Paso’s own veteran rockers Andre Acosta (Pissing Razors, Years of Cold) Kevin Armstrong (Mondoshawan, Section 6) Jay Arriaga (Random Allusion, Years of Cold) join forces to create what Jay calls an amalgam of styles that groove with a purpose. Citing influence from the groove aspects of Meshuggah, the staccato feel of Fear Factory, the industrial futuristic side of Mnemic and open ambience of Devin Townsend, the band found their unique combination. Debut song Aeon Flux is now available on youtube.

Listen for the song to play Sunday night, (1/19/20), during Q Connected. Hosted by me, Dubba G, Q Connected features local artists as well as national acts every Sunday night from 10pm - midnight.

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