Moonthieves are a group of "Local Locos" from straight outta Juarez...

Our sister city has quite a rock scene of it's own and the bands there cover all sorts of different rock styles. Bands like Fermonts and Viva Las Vegas have already been featured here at, now it's time to introduce you all to Moonthieves.

Here is their story, as always, told in their own words:

Moonthieves is an Alternative Rock/Metal band from Ciudad Juárez formed in 2017 by Jaime and Brandon Chacón, Juan Rentería, and Iván Carrillo. The band gathers many genres liked by the members including Stoner Rock, Alt. Rock, Industrial Metal, Synthwave, Orchestral, and Folk. Moonthieves already has 2 singles on Spotify from the upcoming 2020 album: Screens and Riot.

For a sample of the band, you can click here to listen to their song "Riot". Or, better yet, watch the lyric video above.

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