These guys are from El Paso and Juarez ... and they rock 'em BOTH!!

Here's their story, as posted on their website. (I used an online translator for this so, it reads kind of weird...)

WE ARE BASTARDS is not just a name, it is a warning. It is heavy rock, bourbon and degenerate. It is an absolute delivery not only to music but to experience live, both for the members of the band and for all those who have the luck to listen to them and see them.

Here's the Spanish version:

WE ARE BASTARDS no es solo un nombre, es una advertencia. Es rock pesdao, bourbon y degenere. Es una entrega absoluta no solo a la musica, sino a la experiencia en escenario, tanto para los integrantes de la banda como para todo aquel que tenga la suerte de escucharlos y verlos hacer lo que mejor saben: Desmadre.

Check out their website and download their debut album for free!!

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