Have you ever seen a skateboarder perform freestyle skateboarding? This local dude Jacob Whitt has been featured on PBS and traveled to be in major tournaments.

I have known this dude for many years now and got the chance to see him shine. He is always trying to learn new tricks on his board or two! One of the many moves that left me very impressed would be the one he did above. Jacob doesn't have a preference for a specific location to skate at. Jacob met up with me at the Westside Community Park and did his thing with no hesitation. Not only does he care about skateboarding but also gives motivational speeches and demonstrations at our local schools. Jacob has a unique mind since he manages to land each trick he practices every day for. Every skateboarder can relate to Jacob about feeling free while you're riding on that thin piece of wood.

Jacob Whitt definitely makes El Paso proud with how hard he works to find new skating moves everyday!