It's getting to that time we need to remember to check our backseats to make sure no one is left behind. The heat has been on the rise and looks like a hot summer ahead which means to double check your mini offspring isn't left in the car.

Being a parent myself, watching this kind of segment gives me anxiety! Live PD on A&E witnessed something every parent NEVER EVER wants to experience. This segment should remind you to not leave your kids OR pets in the car during this heat. It should also help you prevent this kind of accident from happening to you in the future. I don't understand how some adults forget a young child in the car but do understand accidents like above do happen. It's always good to carry a spare key around with you to avoid a case like this. If you don't have a spare key then hopefully you will break a window instead of hesitating the way the mom did. Let's try and always be aware to keep something like this from happening again.

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