Live Nation Chief Executive Michael Rapino told investors that concert tickets are an  “incredible bargain” and that raising prices is a good idea.

His boss agrees so, guess what?  Ticket prices, which have risen by 20% in only 4 years, are probably going up again. Live Nation says they're doing us a favor since, judging by the amount of scalping that takes place," we WANT to pay more".

...the secondary market on Stubhub proves prices are too cheap, since fans are interested in paying more than face value for tickets. -

What????  Who the hell WANTS to pay more? If a show sells out, die-hard fans will do what they have to but, they don't freakin' WANT to do it. Ticketmaster, mind you, have been accused of buying and then "scalping" their own tickets. Paying more to scalpers is an unfortunate situation. Having this "aftermarket" created by the ticket sellers themselves is a travesty.

On the upside though, justice may be coming via a congressional investigation. The Justice Department is also considering action against Live Nation. (Marketwatch)

We'll see what happens but, for now, set aside some extra money for entertainment this year.