Buzz's birthday is on June 27th and to celebrate, our boss got him something that he's been wanting for, oh, so long. Buzz was gifted the iconic Farrah Fawcett poster. Yes, the one where she's wearing the red one-piece bathing suit. The poster was released in 1976 but it is the best selling poster in history.

I'm not that familiar with the Farrah Fawcett fanatics phase because I am a millennial and Buzz is a boomer (okay, he's not really a boomer, he's Gen X). As a millennial growing up in the 90's the big poster battles were between Backstreet Boys and 'Nsync. (By the way, I'm totally team Backstreet Boys) and Britney Spear or Christina Aguilera. For my sister, though, her generations posters were probably of New Kids on the Block or Paula Abdul. This prompted us to question our listeners on Facebook: Who was your celebrity crush in the 80's & 90's?

I can clearly think back to my celebrity crush in the 90's: it was the Green Power Ranger AKA Tommy! He was also the White Power Ranger, but the green suit was a lot cooler. Now that I'm older, I can tell you he has aged BEAUTIFULLY:

Saban's Power Rangers At San Diego Comic-Con - Day 2
Getty Images for Saban Brands

Because my sister is older, I can tell you that her fascination with Jordan Knight of New Kid on the Block was plastered all over our wall!

The Total Package Tour With New Kids On The Block, Paula Abdul And Boyz II Men In Las Vegas
Getty Images


Completely different sides of the 80's and 90's were reflected on our bedroom walls.

Here are who our listeners probably had posters of on their walls:


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