This past week on the Morning Show, we got into a very brief discussion on shows that we would watch in the morning while getting ready for school. It all started because Nico has been watching "The Nanny" and it reminded me that I would actually watch that before school!

It then prompted me to ask our listeners what shows they would watch before school:

Now, if I remember correctly- during my high school years I watched Lifetime in the mornings; this included "The Nanny" at 6, "The Golden Girls" at 7 and then "Fraiser" started at 8- and that's when I knew I really had to wake up!

Reading the comments from our listeners, though, reminded me that my watching habits in the morning really changed throughout the years! Because many mention cartoons I watched when I was in middle and elementary school! Among the comments were:

  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  • Dark wing Duck followed by Bonkers. If I was starting to get ready when bonkers was on, I was gonna be late.
  • Sanford n sons. I would watch that every morning before I left to school.
  • Hercules, The Magic School Bus, Scooby Doo, A Pup named Scooby Doo, Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Sailor Moon on cartoon network. It would come on I think between 4 and 6 am and I would get up that early and watch it. I still love it very much today.
  • Captain kangaroo (Had more than a few mentions!)
  • Thundercats
  • Pepper Ann
  • Inspector gadget
  • Martin, living single, saved by the bell and fresh prince
  • Talespin, Rescue Rangers ,and the morning show with Buzz and Patty in the mornings
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In the comments, there was also mention (more than a few mentions, actually) of "Bobby's World" and for some reason, I had forgotten that I watched that too! They use to have these intros before "Bobby's World" would start with Howie Mandell (with hair!) and for some weird reason that show would hook me in!

What other shows do you remember watching in the morning?


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