As a movie lover, I like to take pride in knowing what movie you're talking about just by a small description. I love taking movie quizzes or trivia and feeling like all that time I spent watching movies was not in vain. So when I came across this trend on Twitter of "describe your favorite movie in the most boring way possible" I took it as a challenge.

Turns out, I suck at guess what the movies were! People on Twitter were very creative when describing their favorite movie in the most boring way possible. I then decided to take it to my people, so we asked our listeners to describe their favorite movie in the most boring way possible.

Again, I found out I sucked at guessing the movies. I had to accept the fact that I was not the movie intellectual I thought I was. Our listeners got really creative and really stumped me. It also helped that they never answered back to what the movie was! At least on Twitter, they eventually put what movie it was! But, alas, our listeners have decided to leave us with uncertainty and now I fear I'll never guess what the movies are! For the record, here's my favorite movie described in the most boring way possible:

Psycho calls teens incessantly and wears silly Halloween costume as they murder classmates in a time before caller ID was available.

(The answer? Scream)

Check out how some our listeners stumped me with their description of their favorite movies and try to see if you can figure out what they are!

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