If you are one the many in El Paso who enjoy hiking and camping at Lincoln National Forest, then your summer plans may need to put on hold. The U.S. Forest Service has implemented a forest-wide closure order effective at 8 am Wednesday, May 25, 2022 and will remain in effect until July 30, 2022- unless it is rescinded earlier.

This closure includes all National Forest System lands, recreation sites, picnic grounds, campgrounds, roads, trails, and trailheads within the boundary of the Lincoln National Forest.

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You know when you enter any part of Lincoln National Forest and Smoky the Bear tells you how high the fire danger is? Well, it's at EXTREME right now, and with all the recent wildfires in New Mexico, it's best to keep the public out of the forest.

The bright side is that there is a possibility that the National Forest could open sooner, if they get any rain. And while many were bummed out about the news, many were understanding and in agreeance that this was the right move. One user said:

That is sad, but a wise thing to do. We all need to pray for rain.

Another commented:

I applaud you all, hard but necessary. Until rainfall, we need a forest .. thnx for protecting it!!

And another noted that the most important thing here is to protect our forests:

Better safe than sorry. We need to protect our forests.

If you're still a little unclear of what all this means, the Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce has some answers for you, which you can check out below! And remember, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires"- Smokey the Bear.

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