With El Paso continuing to be an epicenter of Covid-19 there are very few “annual traditions” that we can look forward to.

The Sun Bowl is canceled. The Sun Carnival Parade only happened “virtually”. The UTEP football team has probably played its last game of the season (3 wins and 4 loses, though…that’s one of our best seasons in decades!)

One annual tradition, though, is still a “GO.”

The Ascarate Park “Lights on the Lake” will kick off on December 12th, along with a tribute to frontline workers.

“Lights on the Lake” will be drive-thru only this year, however, covid concerns will preclude things like “watching your kid’s middle school orchestra play” and “freezing your ass off while watching your kid’s orchestra play.”

Actually, this covid situation is starting to have some benefits!

The tribute to frontline workers is also scheduled for December 12th at Ascarate Park.

According to County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, “A Night of Hope (will be) a small tribute to our hospitals' CEOs, doctors, nurses, first responders and all our unsung heroes who have been working tirelessly.”

If you have a frontline worker who deserves recognition, you can submit their photo which will be displayed on an LED wall.

Obviously, the wall will have to be viewed from your car at a safe distance.

Anyone wanting to honor a frontline worker is encouraged to submit their photo in jpeg format to parksinfo@epcounty.com .

Sure, it’s just a small token of gratitude but, as I’ve written previously, it’s just a placeholder until we finally lick covid and we can have a raging, debauched booze-fest in their honor somewhere down the road.

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