Aaron Jones is loved and admired by many fans all around near and far. When we all got to see the former UTEP football player's skills on the Lambeau Field, we were amazed. It was then we knew how much of a difference he would make playing for the Green Bay Packers.

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Plus, it was Aaron Jones who motivated El Pasoans to watch a Packers game when they would play. Some people in El Paso have their preferred NFL team to root for but they also root for Packers just because of Aaron Jones. Heck, even I am one of those people in El Paso.

My NFL team as I've mentioned on the radio is the Los Angeles Chargers. But despite being a Chargers fan I also consider myself a partial Green Bay Packers fan. But of course, it is only because of the El Paso native, Aaron Jones.

But I am not the only one who also likes to follow Green Bay Packers despite who I originally root for. Bobby Portis of the Milwaukee Bucks was so impressed by Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones that he became a fan too. Basketball star Bobby Portis was amazed by Aaron Jones's skills when he was watching his team the Dallas Cowboys against the Green Bay Packers game.

Bobby Portis was so amazed by Aaron Jones he had no shame saying he actually became a Packers fan because of running back Aaron Jones. You can hear the words for yourself from Bobby Portis above that Milwaukee Bucks Twitter shared. Bobby Portis must be feeling stoked knowing that Aaron Jones has also been watching him back on the court. But I am curious if a particular football player has ever converted you before. Feel free to share your two cents if you've converted teams because of one of the player's in the poll below.

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