We've been waiting years for this and now, here it comes peeps!!

The original Pissing Razors lineup is gearing up for a new tour and new music!

Drummer Eddy Garcia, guitarist Matt Lynch and vocalist Joe Rodriguez started out as Backdoor Cyclops along with Eddy's brother Danny in the early to mid 90's. As Pissing Razors, they recorded 7 CDs and toured the world supporting them.

Matt Lynch posted on his facebook page:

Many of you as friends and colleagues know the details and real inside story our journey as PISSING RAZORS and the many highs and many, many lows we experienced along the way to bring our brand of music to fruition. Without the support from family and friends of which some we've lost along the way to different paths and some we've lost back to the earth, we would have never been here. You always hear people say that but I sincerely mean it. Our journey has been a necessary one, one that proves with perseverance anything is possible. Four guys along with an amazing crew (Allen Vallejo, The Duck, Achmex, Rachel Martinez, Brady) from El Paso, Texas of all places gave everything they had to chase a dream.

Matthew Lynch/facebook

To read his entire post, click here.  (In it, he hints another original member, Rick Valles, may also be involved in the reunion!)  For more Pissing Razors info, click here ....... here ....... or here!

None of these guys have sat idly by since the P-Razor days.  They've all been involved in various local and national bands including Years Of Cold, The 6th, Gorilla Deathbox, Cowboys From Hell PasoMinistry, Chasing SolaceSpeed Razor, Cage and many more!

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