Is the infamous Sierra Blanca checkpoint getting soft on drug seizures?

The Sierra Blanca checkpoint, just outside El Paso, has busted some pretty big stars including Fiona Apple, Nelly, Snoop and...believe it or not...Willie Nelson! Their list of high-profile arrests and drug seizures earned the checkpoint a reputation known all over.

These days though, they seem to have more of a "catch and release" approach to things. Peeps caught holding small amounts of mota are getting a lecture, losing their pot and being sent on their way. The reason for this change of heart is pretty simple. Money.

Texas Public Radio says the checkpoint pops over a dozen people a day for marijuana possession and the Hudspeth County Sheriff has said he won't take any more small time possession cases because they're filling up his jail. He rents space in his jail to other counties so, when it's full, he loses money.

I get it. I'm still not going through there with anything I shouldn't have but, I get it. Listen to the TPR interview here.