Guess where.......

You would think that word would be out about the Sierra Blanca Checkpoint by now.  Willie, Snoop, Fiona ... and now Nelly.  (Apparently having a weird name is a trigger for them up there. That and driving a tour bus!)

Nelly upped the ante a little over the others though, getting popped with marijuana (10 pounds), heroin (36 baggies) and a .45!

He also one-upped his famous druggie brethren by having a guy on board to take the fall for him!  Some dude named Brian Keith (really?) Jones confessed to it all being his so Nelly and the rest of his posse were released.

Maybe we should put a sign up saying "check point ahead"!?

Oh, wait ....... There IS one!

I guess we should put up another one west of El Paso. A bigger one that says: "Check point ahead. Abandon all drugs, pipes, papers, booze, weapons and groupies HERE".

(We can put that one over by my place if you want!)

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