As hard as it might be to believe there is still something the right and the left in this country can agree on: Beto O’Rourke’s apologies are ridiculous.

The actual video of what O’Rouke felt the need to apologize for is included in the following videos. Here’s the Ten Cent version:

Basically, campaigning in Iowa, Beto shouted out his family back in El Paso, especially his wife Amy who he said, “raises our kids, sometimes with my help”.

And…yeah. That’s about it. It should come as no surprise that the folks over at “The Five” on Fox had a field day with this. Here’s conservative pundit and guy who shops for his clothes in the Boys section of Nordstrom Rack, Greg Gutfeld:

OK, that’s to be expected from Fox. If you watched all of that video you might have noticed that Juan Williams, the lone liberal on The Four vs. One…I mean, The Five…also said this was a ridiculous thing to apologize for. But even the guy who replaced Jon Stewart on The Daily Show had to mock this. Here’s what Trevor Noah had to say:

Following this “apology tour” I would have to say that the modern politician Beto reminds me most of is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a man who loves apologies almost as much as most Canadians love Moosehead (the beer, not the deviant act). Trudeau has made public apologies, both personal and on behalf of Canada for everything from bumping a colleague’s elbow to people from India who were not allowed to immigrate to Canada in 1914. However, a comparison to Trudeau isn’t all negative. He was, after all, the only world leader to defeat Donald Trump in the sport of Overly Aggressive Handshaking:

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