This COVID 19 pandemic has turned many of us into shut-ins. On the upside, that has gotten us a lot of quality time with our pets. Show yours off a little.

With the exception of my radio show, I'm doing my best to work from home and my dogs are starting to give me that "what the hell are you doing here" look. We've all pretty much had it with this freaking virus and all the chaos it's causing so, let's distract ourselves for a minute and show Fido some love.

El Paso Inc magazine is holding an "El Paso's Best Pet" photo contest and your fuzzball could win you a bunch of prizes and as much as $250 in cash! Today is the last day to submit your pet's photo though for a chance to win. You can do that here.

They've been putting up with you the last few weeks, listening to you gripe and putting a smile on your face. Show the rest of us who you are "sheltering in place" with and it may get you some $$!!

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