Another known hotel that is currently experienced a major problem that left two guests with Legionnaires' disease is Rio. The two guests who stayed at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino stayed separately in March and April.

KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas reported the issue about Rio and their former 2 guests contracting Legionnaires' disease during their stay. After the second case, health officials decided to test the building and sure enough they found Legionella. It is a bacteria and was found in the hotels hot water system in one of the towers.  This bacteria causes a lung infection that can be deadly for some especially the elderly. Unlike the MGM Grand, The Rio relocated guests and made sure to clean their water by doing a chlorine cleanse. The company is taking action with the Southern Nevada Health District to keep guests and their water safe. The full coverage on this issue is covered by USA TODAY about the Legionnaires' disease at Rio.

Now after hearing about this, I can no longer make fun of the people who pack water bottles and skip out on using their hotel/motels water.