The Las Cruces police and fire departments are encouraging home and property owners to properly display their numerical address near the front entrance of their house and along the curb, near the driveway, so that it is clearly visible from the street.

Police, fire and ambulance crews need to be able to see these numbers in order to respond quickly to emergencies. The visibility of these numbers could make a difference in life or death situations.

The City of Las Cruces municipal ordinance 30-1 requires homeowners, lessees, occupants or tenants of any residence or commercial building to properly display their numerical address so it is easy to spot when emergency crews are called for help.

The City ordinance requires that numbers of letters, such as apartment identifiers, be no less than two inches in width and three inches in height. Numbers and letters should be placed on a contrasting background to make them easily visible to read from the street day and night.

Home and property owners also need to keep addresses free from obstruction by tree limbs, vines, bushes, weeds and other forms of concealment.

All home and property owners in Las Cruces and El Paso should make sure their numerical addresses are visible in order to help out our local police and fire departments.

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