That is the shocking claim a man made after Las Cruces police found him covered in blood and carrying a bloody knife in a public park.

On June 20th, Father’s Day, Cruces cops arrested 25 year-old Joel Arciniega-Saenz near where a headless body had been found in Apodaca Park. According to police, Arciniega-Saenz admitted to stabbing and decapitating the victim and then “playing soccer” with the head in the park.

Arciniega-Saenz has already had a criminal history, including an arrest in a murder case in 2017. Last month he was arrested for vandalizing a local business but was released on a $2,000 bond after a District Court Judge “didn’t find him dangerous”.

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Arciniega-Saenz reportedly told police he stalked his victim, James Garcia, to the park because Garcia had robbed him at his house a few days earlier. He also claimed, without evidence, that Garcia raped his wife several years ago.

The grisliest part of the story was Arciniega-Saenz’s claim that, after decapitating Garcia, he “played soccer” with the head, kicking it at several cars parked nearby. Police found the victims head yards away from where the body was discovered.

The 3rd Judicial D.A.’s Office said that they, “diligently argued to keep this guy locked up” following the vandalism arrest. The D.A.’s Office also said that he was granted bond by District Court Judge Kent Wingenroth who, “didn’t find him dangerous”.

Judge Wingenroth had previously been censured and place on probation in 2011, reportedly for releasing a suspect in an aggravated drunk driving accident on his own recognizance. The accused man allegedly was driving home following a charity golf tournament that Wingenroth had helped organize.

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