The drink offending peeps in Cruces is available, appropriately enough, at Whiskey Dick's.

Whiskey Dick's in Las Cruces sells a Jello shot that has irked some customers. It's not the drink itself that's bothering folks, it's the container and the way it's used. According to the Las Cruces Sun News:

The $3 JELL-O shot is served in a syringe topped with a plastic sheath that is designed to look like a portion of the male body usually kept under wraps. The drink is consumed by forcing the jello out of the syringe through the tip of the detailed and lifelike sheath into the customer's mouth.

I don't know if the El Paso Whiskey Dicks offers this drink but, bars have offered sexually themed drinks forever. Would you be offended by someone "sucking" down a few of these?

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