Finally, a doll has been created to show just how ridiculous Barbie is as a role model. Thanks to a very successful kickstarter campaign, by Nickolay Lamm, Lammily is now available for purchase! I recommend this as a perfect gift for young girls everywhere.

Using $501,000 raised from the kickstarter to create the dolls, Lamm has given us the perfect doll to share with future generations. Lammily beats Barbie by being the doll with the realistic image of the female body, and gives buyers the choice to add reusable stickers of scars, tattoos, moles, stretch marks and pimples.

Buyers can also customize the doll by filling out a customized name and passport You can purchase a Lammily doll for only $24.99 and the sticker packs will be available in January 6th.  Will you be buying one of these dolls for Christmas?