None of us expected our 2020 plans to be put aside due to a deadly virus. We were originally supposed to kick off KLAQ's social gatherings since March. Clearly, we had no idea what was in store for us this year. I am looking back beginning to think I didn't take advantage enough of the gorditas. Almost every El Pasoan knows the lines are extremely long for an order of gorditas at the bazaar. Yes, I know they have other tasty meals but their gorditas are my number one go-to food. The family and I even go on Monday evening one last time to get orders of gorditas to go. Now I have this feeling with Texas re-opening slowly week by week that St. Anthony's Bazaar won't happen.

Although this kind of news may tug on your heartstrings we know it is for the best interest of our community. I am in fact bummed I won't get to eat the only gorditas I like in El Paso. I tried all sorts of places around the 915 looking for a similar taste the gorditas at St. Anthony's Bazaar has. So the only time I get to enjoy some good gorditas is one time a year. So to think I won't be able to enjoy any at all is a real bummer. I have grown up attending St. Anthony's Bazaar ever since I can remember. St. Anthony's Bazaar is like a local tradition to me and my family. If you know a place that has gorditas with a similar taste St. Anthony's Bazaar has please send those recommendations my way. Feel free to share your two cents on our KLAQ Facebook page. Also, how would you feel about Labor Day weekend not being the same this year? Leave your opinion in the poll below.

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