"El Jefe del Mundo" got some love from The City Magazine!

(Thought I forgot about the sign that used to be on your door, huh Brad??)

KLAQ General Manager Brad Dubow is featured in the latest edition of The City Magazine and it's an honor long overdue.  I'm not just saying that because he's the boss here at Townsquare Media/El Paso and has the power to give raises, extra time off, etc ... I'm saying it because, ultimately, he won't.

He's a pretty humble guy and refuses to pat himself on the back so, I'm bringing this up. Grab a copy of the latest issue and read more about the undisputed king of El Paso radio. It's a great article but, it would take a book to truly sum him up.  He's done amazing things to not only keep our stations at the front of the pack but, he's also inspired and led other radio peeps/stations to greater success. Other media folks and non-media entrepreneurs alike have also learned from him through his "Shipbuilding" seminars. He's done wonders for the El Paso community as well personally, via Townsquare and as head of the El Paso Association of Radio Stations. A true family man, friend and leader.

Again, I'm not trying to kiss his ass.....he knows me better than that and wouldn't buy it if I did. All of us here at The Q/KSII/KROD just want him to get the attention he deserves but doesn't seek. Read the article when you can and, if you would, tell him you heard about it from me! Ok??

He can ... after all ... give out raises, extra time off, free meals, etc.

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