Frank Hodges of El Paso beat out over 700 other contestants to land the grand prize for our 2016 Pro Football Pick 'Em Challenge.

He's married, (luckily), an IT professional by trade and has been rockin' with The Q for over 20 years.

I say he's married "luckily" because, 'ya see, he's a Cowboys fan and his wife is a Steelers fan so, during that last game between the two, their rivalry got a little heated! (Frank got the last laugh though when The Patriots later destroyed The Steelers.)

The contest ended in a tie and Frank barely won the tiebreaker by 2 points. He said:

I’ve won one of the weekly Pick ‘Em prizes before.” “This year was weird, as me and one other guy kept going back and forth for the whole season. And then at the end, another guy almost came in and knocked us both off.”

He still has a chance to win even more money if he correctly guesses this year's Super Bowl winner.

Frank's now $1,500 richer thanks to The Q and TFCU. For your chance to win some cool stuff, sign up to be a Q Freeloader!

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