If I told you the amount of times the printer in this office broke down you would not believe me. The printer is a frustration that EVERYONE in this office shares. If it's not a paper jam, it's an offline error or a failure to recognize your device. The amount of times that we've had to call our engineer to check is ridiculous! Our poor engineer sometimes doesn't have the answer to our problems and has to end up calling a professional. That guy is in here a lot too, we've become friends, he's nice.

Out of everyone in this office, the sales team are the last one you'd think would lose it over a printer. Normally, they seem real patient and understanding- that's the power of the printer; it's enough to make you lose your mind! Well some of our sales staff finally had enough, Chad, Ray and Ryan decided that the printer needed to be taken care of. Not going to lie, it looked real satisfying to see that printer smashed.

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