Time to Rock The Fort guys!  Today Fort Bliss is gonna be SICK!

Fort Bliss MWR has another great "Rock The Fort" event happening today on base.  MWR does all kinds of shows and things for our troops and todays is open to the public as well!!

6 acts throughout the afternoon and evening, bringing you a variety of sounds. Salsa, country, metal ... we got it all ... building up to Sick Puppies!!   

An Australian outfit featuring one of my favorite rock hotties, Emma Anzai tearing up the bass!!   (Beautiful, talented and that accent. WOW!)  I've dealt with Sick Puppies several times and they not only seriously ROCK, they're cool as hell!  Thanks to them, I have a map of Australia now they left at dinner once.  One of those rental car company maps of Melbourne.  (If you're going that way and need directions, holler!)


Gates open at 4 and it's a FREE show!!  (The public enters through the Sgt. Major Blvd. gate!!)  You get a car and motorcycle show as well, also free!!  You can bring a lawn chair, but that's about it ... no coolers, no pets, etc.  For more details visit blissmwr.com!

If you want a beer, that can be arranged!  $10 gets you into the beer garden/VIP area for prime seating and 10 free samples! 

I'll either be there, at the bike show or stalking Emma ... see ya' tonight!!