KLAQ Halloween Parade 2018

We have had a crazy October but we had an amazing end to it with the KLAQ Halloween parade. Thank you to all the listeners who participated in the event and stuck with us through the hard rain before the event. We were lucky to have mother nature as a fan because she was able to stop the rain right at the start of the parade.

Duke Keith and I attempted to live stream the event and take photos, so that is why some of these photos are blurry. Please forgive me for that, but do enjoy these photos. Congrats to our costume winners, my favorite has to be the women stuck in a meat grinder. The true Halloween family goals are this Addams family. One day I will get to dress up the whole family and be this family.

We are super excited for next year and make sure to share your photos with us because it is #ThrowbackThursday

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