This Saturday, the KLAQ Backyard Bash is my ticket to a trip down memory lane of Seether concerts. Whenever I think of or hear Seether I always remember my intern days here at KLAQ. I especially remember my first time seeing Seether live was at Western Playland, back when it was still located at Ascarate.

I believe the year was 2005 and they were set to perform at our KLAQ BBQ. Some of you may even remember the lineup that day. I was beyond starstruck when I got to meet some of the guys from each of the bands, like Dark New Day, Crossfade, and Seether.

Since quarantine became a thing, I dug around some old boxes and found a few of the many pictures from that event. The only pictures I was able to find were with Shaun Morgan (Seether), John Humphrey (Seether), Ed Sloan (Crossfade), and Corey Lowery (Dark New Day). The other picture where you may not recognize anyone features some former coworkers I have had the pleasure of working with at KLAQ.

My first time seeing Seether was not a great experience due to the unexpected weather change. Basically, the event ended early due to rain. Yes, fans were upset but eventually, Seether made up for it at our KLAQ Downtown Street Festival many years later.

You can see a clip of Seether performing "Rise Above This" in El Paso thanks to MrTacoNug.

The KLAQ Backyard Bash is your free concert ticket for a trip down memory lane this Saturday, June 27. I'm excited to hear Seether during the KLAQ Backyard Bash to re-live and make new awesome memories. You can tell how old the pictures are by my puka shell necklace I am wearing around my neck.

KLAQ BBQ Seether, Crossfade, and Dark New Day.

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