There have been stories in the news of kids getting in trouble for running neighborhood lemonade stands. Now, Texas is making sure they are legal. Kids in the Lone Star state have the state's legislatures to thank if they want to run a neighborhood lemonade stand and not get in legal trouble. Although we still want to know what kind of douchebags in the neighborhood would call the cops on some little kids just trying to make a little cash. Last week, a bill sponsored by Rep. Matt Krause of Fort Worth passed through the legislature and now moves on to the state Senate, according to Time.

Currently, lemonades stands in Texas are illegal due to health concerns over the unregulated, homemade drinks. The new law, if passed, would overturn the ban on lemonade stands and allow kids to serve non-alcoholic drinks without a license. George P. Bush posted a video on Twitter of a group of kids running a lemonade stand outside the Texas Land General office and Rep. Krause purchasing a drink.

Representative Matt Krause was very excited to present this bill to the legislature, donning a bright lemonade-inspired tie:

Great news for aspiring, young business owners in the Lone Star state! Time to get out there and a little extra cash on the side.

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