The Attorney General for Texas filed suit against Google, alleging that they hired radio DJs in Dallas and Houston to talk about how much they “loved” their Pixel 4 smartphone. The problem, according to Paxton: the phone wasn’t out yet, the DJs weren’t provided with one, yet they were paid to talk about “how much they love their (nonexistent) phones.

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Paxton, who probably has enough of his OWN legal problems to keep him busy, has been going hard after Google for a while now.

In 2020, Paxton lead a “multi-state coalition in a lawsuit against Google”.  A few hours ago Paxton filed his THIRD lawsuit against the tech giant claiming Google lied about the way they track users.

Either Ken Paxton is REALLY standing up for the little guy…or, he’s hoping the “little guy” might be distracted by Paxton’s many, many, MANY ethical and legal problems. There’s so much corruption surrounding Paxton, that even a political dolt like Louie Gohmert is calling him out over his corruption.

Of course, both things could be true. Paxton may be guilty of bribery and corruption AND Google might be using some shady business practices.

It’s the part about the local DJs that really caught my interest.  It doesn’t sound like the DJs are facing Paxton’s wrath for personally endorsing a phone they had never used. Paxton alleges iHeartMedia even TOLD Google their ads would be “violative."

Still, it makes me nervous. What if Ken Paxton asked my client Brian Burds to PROVE he was really “the only agent I would call if I ever decide to sell my house”? Is Joanna Barba’s Sleep Number actually 40? Does she really have a “sleep-IQ” of 160? Did Nico’s mom really “get relief” from an unspecified medical condition by using CBD from Legacy Wellness? Our listeners want to know! Maybe Ken Paxton will want to know, as well.  So far, that indictment from 2015 hasn’t gone away no matter how many times he’s sued Google.

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