During Katy Perry's Rock in Rio performance over the weekend she kindly asked an audience member to join her on stage to teach her some Portuguese. Unfortunately, things turned out a little differently than she planned. You wouldn't see this happen at a rock concert.

Once the fan ran into Perry's arms, she begin to hold her a little too tight and kissed her neck. I know I would have just tried to be lady and give her a gently kiss on the cheek, but possible cleavage grab.

Perry handled the situation like a champ as she cracked jokes, even hinted that the fan could possibly be "rolling" aka on drugs. As Perry still attempted to get the fan to teach her some Portuguese words to interact with the audience, the fan continued to grope her.

As the fan was escorted off the stage, Perry patted her on the butt but the fan ran back and patted her right back. Oh, how I wish I could be that fan.