These officers are lucky to have a K-9 that also cares about fitness as much as they do! Besides dogs loving long walks, this dog enjoys doing push-ups with his fellow officers.

Trending Gold made our hearts feel golden after publishing this adorable video of a cop dog doing push-ups. Not only are K-9 dogs smart but also learn tasks really quick. This short video was created to promote an anti-car theft campaign which shows the officers 9 pm routine. This video has been going viral since the day it was published on YouTube this past weekend. It shouldn't come to a surprise to the officers William Cowan and Ben Hancock (above) that their routine went viral. You should record your dog if he/she can do cool tricks that you think could go viral.

But this K-9 deserves props for doing push-ups with his fellow officers because people who can actually do a push-up, don't!

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