We take a stroll down memory lane, looking at the Blue October's heartwarming relationship with or former DJ, the late Scott Ronson.Today on the morning show we were able to talk with the lead singer of Blue October, Justin Fustenfeld. Blue October will be performing this weekend at our Beer, Bites and Beats event on Saturday. While we caught up with the musician, we talked about his love for the city of El Paso. Furstenfeld has a love for the city of El Paso and the people and had a close relationship with one of our very own staff members. Justin told us how Scott Ronson had been there for him at the beginning of the band's success, and when he was in the "darkest moments of his life." When he got sober later on in his life, he came back to El Paso and sat down for an interview with Ronson. Scott told Justin how proud he was of him and his sobriety. Furstenfeld told us this was a touching moment for him and a relationship he still remembers fondly to this day.

Sadly, on Justin's last trip to El Paso, he came to the station and looked for Scott, but was told of Scott's ongoing battle with terminal cancer. He then recorded a heartfelt message of support for Scott that they both let us put up on our Youtube. KLAQ wanted people to see how a close an artist and a DJ could be, after years of interacting with each other. Scott Ronson was an especially special man, who left an impression on every band and person who met him. Conversations like today's with Justin just reminded us again how truly special he was and how lucky we were to have known him. Check out Justin Furstenfeld's message for Scott above, and his interview they did earlier that same year.

Blue October will be performing this Saturday at the Beer, Bites and Beats event in downtown El Paso. Tickets for the festival are $15 and are available now through the website. There is also a VIP experience for Blue October fans available too. Before the big event on Saturday, you can also participate in various events starting with the Craft and Social Paint and Sip tonight. Tomorrow there is a Bike and Ripe event and a Bike and Ripe event at the Picacho Peak Brewing Company. On Friday, you can enjoy an El Paso Brewing beer flight session as well as a Public Beer House and wine cocktail brunch.

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