If you want to see some bad officiating, just check out this play from the Ysleta vs Jefferson game this past weekend. It's starting to make the rounds on national sports reporting, and gaining traction on YouTube channels dedicated to sports. Take a look at the full play in this video below and then check in on the full breakdown just after it.

So what's the breakdown of this play? Here's the quick synopsis. Somehow a foul ball led to a 3 RBI at bat. Not enough explanation? How about this:

  • The batter hits a foul ball. (This should have ended the play. It's a dead ball. But confusion ensues.)
  • The left fielder picks up the foul ball and tosses it to the third baseman. (The ball is still dead by the way.)
  • The third baseman overthrows the pitcher and the ball rolls into the Jefferson dugout. (Again, the ball is technically dead.)
  • The Jefferson runners proceed to advance, when they should have been kept on their bases. It's a dead frickin' ball.
  • Apparently in the excitement of the Jefferson players advancing, the umpires forgot it's a dead ball and allowed the play to happen.

What was the score when all this went down? Jefferson was up by one. KTSM has reached out to the El Paso Softball Umpires Association for comment on the play, but they have yet to respond. It's unlikely that the game will be reversed and it appears that Ysleta's season is over.


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