How do you smuggle almost 160 pounds of methamphetamine across the border into the United States? Not in bottles of water apparently, because that kid got busted. 

A 18-year-old American kid was travelling back into the US at the Ysleta port of entry back on August 14th. The kid declared 3 cases of water, and the CBP officers chose him for a secondary exam. The drug-sniffing dogs came in and something got there attention in the bottles of water. That led the officers to run the bottles through an X-ray and that revealed that the bottle contained liquid that was too dense to just be water. When the liquid was tested, it came back as positive for methamphetamine.

Arnie Gomez, the Customs and Border Patrol Ysleta Port of Entry Director said:

The primary CBP officer on duty was thorough and focused and was able to identify this pedestrian as a person who needed additional scrutiny.

The teen was arrested and handed over to Homeland Security. He is now facing charges related to the failed meth smuggling attempt.

It's been busy out in Ysleta as agents also found a bag filled with $270,000 worth of drugs. That bag contained almost 8 pounds of meth (an estimated street value of $250,000) and more than 24 pounds of marijuana (an estimated street value of $20,000). An Ysleta Border Patrol agent saw someone come up to the border fence shortly after midnight on Friday. When the area was searched, that's when the bag was discovered. The bag has been turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.



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