YISD Superintendent Xavier De La Torre and a former board President were fined by the Texas Ethics Commission for alleged misuse of district funds.

Basically, according to the El Paso Times, they used district funds to produce a newsletter which the ethics peeps say contained political advertising supporting a proposed bond.  Apparently, that's a no-no and they got busted but, here's the kicker. Guess where the money to pay the fines is coming from?


De La Torre on Thursday told the El Paso Times that he does not agree with the commission's ruling but agreed to pay the fine to avoid using taxpayer dollars to litigate the case in Austin.

He said the district has paid both his and McClean's fines, which totaled $1,000. - El Paso Times

Getting a fine that someone else pays should teach 'em, huh?  What do you think of this?

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