What once served as the only and main library in Houston, Texas, the Julia Ideson Building is a book lovers paradise that's also picture perfect for events!

Located at 550 McKinney St. in Houston, the library was built in 1926, this Spanish Renaissance-style building is stunning on the outside as it is on the inside, which is probably why the building is perfect for all types of events and photo shoots. Just take a sneak peek at it.

Named after Julia Ideson, who served as the first head librarian for forty years at the Houston Public Library- this library also serves as a research center.

The building has undergone many a renovation- and with good purpose too; this building's history is worth preserving. The building is filled with famous artwork and books- making it look like the library of your dreams! It also shouldn't be surprising that many consider it to be haunted!

According to the lore, in 1936 Jacob Frank Cramer, the caretaker at the time, was found dead library's basement apartment. Cramer was said to be a violinist who dedicated his final years to the library tending to its needs- and it is said that his spirit never left. As a library, it's already quiet, but if you're just quiet enough, you might hear Cramer playing his violin.

If you plan to visit the library, many suggest you call ahead to make sure it's open or that there isn't already a private event taking place. If ever I get the chance to visit, I'm sure the first book I read at a table will be a scary one!

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