If it has been a long time since you've been to Ciudad de Juarez, some things have changed. Besides the bridge issues and violence, something that changed for the better was what they built a few years ago. I actually enjoy going to visit J-Town when I do get the chance to. I especially go to see my eye doctor there who I have been seeing since high school. Plus, it is cheaper and extremely faster to get either contacts or your glasses. My last visit to Juarez had me filled with amazement at one certain change they made years ago. Since it had been a very long time I was taken by surprise at the new route they made. Before this new route was built, I remember a lot of turns until you made it to the road that leads you to the bridge. This route is like the tunnel you pass through while driving through Arizona. If you take a right, it leads you directly on the road to the Paso Del Norte bridge. But if you take a left at the fork in the tunnel will lead you to Melchor Ocampo and Mariano Abasolo. If you have or haven't seen this new route in Juarez, take the poll below!

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