A Mexican television variety show featured a Juarez based band that has been rockin' both sides of the border for more than a minute.

Viva Las Vegas got a nice showcase on El Late Night, a television show based out of Juarez, Mexico. It actually aired back in 2016 but, I just recently found out about it and thought it absolutely worth (re)sharing. It's very cool seeing Borderland artists, musical and otherwise, representing our area and showing different countries ... quote ... "how we do"!

Viva Las Vegas were once featured in Local Band 101, here's the "bio" they provided back then:

This is the story of 3 brothers from different mother's and how they discovered one another through music, alcohol and women. The band started in 2007, right from the start the young Vegas Brothers Started to gain much musical experience and playing any where from local, national and international stages

Bassist Danny River has recently begun work with another band, Holocausto Norteno. Expect to read more about them here soon...