Juan Gabriel fans have quite the spot to cherish the late Latin singer. I remember my mom and aunts enjoyed listening to his music while they would clean the house. Juan Gabriel was loved by many and is still worshipped by fans. In fact, there is a place fans go to cherish his memory across the border. There is a particular spot Juan Gabriel fans can go visit to pay their respects to him in Juarez. Plus, the area you can pay your respects to the late Latin singer is close to an old house of his. If you've never visited you can Google the address Perú 126, Partido Romero, 32030 Cd Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico for a general idea. I have never visited Juan Gabriel's memorial site in Juarez but had heard nice things about it. Recently a friend of mine visited Juarez and killed some extra time scoping out the memorial site while taking pictures.

After looking at my friend's pictures of Juan Gabriel's special place had me wanting to visit it someday (when the pandemic is over). In fact, looking at a couple of the pictures were reminding me of Union Plaza Downtown. The one with all the lights, trees, and benches reminds me of my party days around Union Plaza. The Union Plaza is where you would hang out after the last call trying to determine what after party to make an appearance at. The pictures look like they were taken in the area that Union Plaza sits. But one thing for sure is I am glad no one has destroyed the area that is open to the public to pay their respects to Juan Gabriel. The spot designated for fans to cherish Juan Gabriel could also pass as a romantic spot. My friend was kind enough to let me share his pictures with you if you've never been.

Juan Gabriel Remembered

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