Joey spent a little of his time away from Slipknot with Murderdolls, but more recently, he's been writing and recording for a new project called Scar the Martyr.  It's heavy, but the with melodic vocals, and cool grooves.  He's put together his band, including singer Henry Derek, got keyboard kelp from NIN keys-guy Chris Vrenna, and signed up Jed Simon of Strapping Young Lad fame on guitar!

Joey recorded most of the rhythm guitar, the bass and drums, Henry knocked out the vocals, and Jed and Kris Norris of Darkest Hour supplied ripping guitar solos for the new album.

They're hitting the road next week with Danzig and Huntress, so be on the lookout for that show!  (I love Jill from Huntress, and I'm hoping to become her love slave, feel free to let her know.)

Check out some cool teasers for the new album, and the first track, "Blood Host" is streaming here.