joey jordison

"I Didn't Quit"
It was shocking news when Slipknot announced in December that they've parted ways with drummer Joey Jordison. Now, it appears as if Jordison himself was the person most shocked by the decision.
"It's Still So Fresh"
As we reported late last night, Slipknot have parted ways with longtime drummer Joey Jordison. The news shocked fans worldwide last night (Dec. 13), leaving us all on the edge of our seats. Will Slipknot continue without Jordison? What about the new album Slipknot just started working on? In a new i…
Slipknot on Sabbath
Slipknot / Scar the Martyr drummer Joey Jordison recently weighed in with his personal thoughts on some of the biggest heavyweights in modern metal and the rocker was nothing but honest and forthcoming, providing some very candid responses.

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